January 11, 2012

Please follow my photoblog on tumblr

This blog has reached the end of it's life.
It's served both you and I (hopefully) very well over the years.

No bad feelings right?

Here is the latest post on my new photoblog

December 27, 2011

Become a tumblr user

If you haven't already, I suggest you join the tumblr website.  They provide a great and easy to use service that I've been enjoying for a few years now.

Because I'm migrating my blog to their services, I'd really like to be able to bring you with me.
Joining tumblr is VERY simple, just go here and fill out the three field form: https://www.tumblr.com/

Being a tumblr user will be the easiest way for you to continue following my work.
Together we have generated over 30,000 page-views, here's to 30,000 more!

Please join me at http://exposed.alexdifiori.com/
It'd be nice if I knew I wasn't talking to myself all the time!

The posts on this blog won't be going anywhere anytime soon, BTW.  Eventually, I'll be changing the URL to something else to free it up for Exposed, but that's a long way down the road.

December 26, 2011

Arizona - Exposed

I'm officially migrating to tumblr.
If that sucks for you, I'm sorry. Tumblr is the easiest way for me to connect with my audience.
But that's not what this post is about.
Below is a photo and a link. If you like the photo, I suggest you hit the link as there's more photos there waiting for you.


December 15, 2011

Possible Move to Tumblr

I'm currently considering moving this blog to tumblr. One issue, however, is that tumblr currently doesn't support importing of blogger content directly. Therefore, any move will be kind of like a fresh start. All the posts on this blog will remain here for an indefinite period of time. Any new posts will (eventually) ONLY appear on the tumblr blog.

The reason for the shift is that as you might have noticed, it's very rare that I write more than a few sentences when I post. Tumblr is much more compact and presentation-oriented, which seems to better suit my style. Any actual move will of course be proceeded by a detailed post concerning how to continue following my blog if/when it moves.

My ultimate goal is to provide the best possible experience for my followers while still meeting my needs.

If you have any suggestions for this sort of thing, I'd greatly appreciate your feedback.

Thank you for following me all these years. Here's to improvement!

December 04, 2011

Photo of the Week: 36

Photo of the Week: 36 Feels good to be back into the swing of the POD project.

September 26, 2011

Photo of the Week: 35

Photo of the Week: 35

Jen + Jon

Earlier this month, I booked a trip to Boston at the last minute to shoot my first wedding video. The Bride (Jen) and Groom (Jon) were two very cool people and I had a blast at their vintage-inspired wedding. Below is the video I've been editing together for the past two weeks, as well as a link to the Fuller Craft Art Museum, which is the amazing location the wedding was held at. Also, mad props to Kristin Chalmers for not only booking me, but putting me up at her crib with her two awesome kids and her husband Rob (who knows how to cook some mean pancakes). Fuller Craft Museum (website was down at the time of this posting): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fuller_Craft_Museum Kristin's Chalmers: http://www.kristinchalmersphoto.com/