December 15, 2011

Possible Move to Tumblr

I'm currently considering moving this blog to tumblr. One issue, however, is that tumblr currently doesn't support importing of blogger content directly. Therefore, any move will be kind of like a fresh start. All the posts on this blog will remain here for an indefinite period of time. Any new posts will (eventually) ONLY appear on the tumblr blog.

The reason for the shift is that as you might have noticed, it's very rare that I write more than a few sentences when I post. Tumblr is much more compact and presentation-oriented, which seems to better suit my style. Any actual move will of course be proceeded by a detailed post concerning how to continue following my blog if/when it moves.

My ultimate goal is to provide the best possible experience for my followers while still meeting my needs.

If you have any suggestions for this sort of thing, I'd greatly appreciate your feedback.

Thank you for following me all these years. Here's to improvement!

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  1. Good idea. Please note that tumblr has had a lot of problems with spam.



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